Call for Speakers

We’re now accepting speaker applications for WordCamp Austin 2014! Submission deadline is February 21st and we’ll annouce the speaker lineup on March 1st. If you’re interested in speaking at a session, please fill out the form below. Please use the comments to suggest a speaker you would like to see.

What we think makes an awesome speaker:

  • A love of WordPress, of course! And the desire to give back to the community
  • Comfortable giving a presentation
  • Expertise in your topic that makes you stand out
  • Embrace the WordPress licenseIf distributing WordPress-derivative works (themes, plugins, WP distros), any person or business should give their users the same freedoms that WordPress itself provides. Note: this is one step above simple compliance, which requires PHP code to be GPL/compatible but allows proprietary licenses for JavaScript, CSS, and images. 100% GPL or compatible is required for promotion at WordCamps when WordPress-derivative works are involved, the same guidelines we follow on

[submission form has been removed as submissions are now closed.]