Thank you HostGator for being a Pillar Sponsor!

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Hostgator has stepped in to be a Pillar sponsor this WordCamp Austin and we couldn’t be more excited to have them. They have a local office here in Austin and it’s always great to see the local WordPress supporters show up in big ways like this to contribute to the success of our WordCamp.

So join me in saying THANK YOU to HostGator.

You can read some more about them below:

Founded in 2002 and with the experience gained from hosting over 9,000,000 domains, HostGator is the perfect web partner WordPress users seeking blazing fast speed and 24/7 USA-based, scope-free support. With our QuickInstall application, you can get your WordPress site setup quickly and easily with only a few clicks. Moving from another hosting company? We have a dedicated team that will transfer all of your files and databases over to your new server for FREE.

We look forward to celebrating everything that is WordPress at WordCamp 2014, so please take a few minutes to come say hi, or find us on Twitter @HostGator.

More Great Speakers for WordCamp Austin

Are you ready for more speakers? I know we are. Here’s another round of great speakers for WordCamp Austin.

David Vogelpohl

David Vogelpohl the founder and CEO of Marketing Clique, an online marketing and web development agency which helps clients build websites, create web applications, and manage online marketing campaigns. Since 1996 David has been overseeing web development and online marketing projects, including the development of a variety of web technologies and online marketing channels. David is a published author in Feed Front Magazine, speaker at major online-marketing conference Pubcon, speaker at WordCamp Atlanta, speaker at WordCamp Austin, speaker at Affiliate Summit and veteran of the web since 1996.

Fernando Labastida

Fernando Labastida speaks and writes about content marketing in both Spanish and English at places such as the Economic Business Growth Business Incubator in Austin, TX, the SXSW Latinos in Tech program in Austin, TX, the Congreso Internacional Emprendor in El Salvador, Product Camp and the Rise Multicultural Series, among others. He organized the first Latin American track for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, co-organized the debut of the Americas IT Forum in Austin, and he’s the founder of the Austin Content Marketing Meetup. He is the founder of Latin IT Marketing and a blog providing advice to Hispanic business owners on digital marketing.

Jennifer L. Jones

Jennifer is a graphic designer, Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign, and teaches Digital Publishing at Austin Community College. She’s an avid knitter, and other knitters seem to enjoy her explanations of how she constructed things (they’re called patterns in the knitting world). Her relatively new blog is at, and she spends way too much time on Twitter as @jenztweets. Her tolerant husband actually encourages all of this, but the dogs often insist on play breaks.

Lani Rosales

Lani is the COO at The American Genius, Co-Founder of #BASHH, and has been named in the 100 Most Influential, as well as 12 Most Influential Women in Blogging. She is a business and tech writer is immersed not only in advanced technologies and new media, but is also a stats nerd often buried in piles of reports. Lani is a proven leader, thoughtful speaker, and vested partner at The American Genius and helped grow the news outlet to over 6 million readers. Sidenote: if Lani was a piñata, she would be filled with internet cats, chocolate syrup which she most certainly does NOT squeeze into her mouth from the bottle, and cuss words.

Devin Price

Devin Price is a WordPress developer in Austin, Texas. He’s built several popular themes (Portfolio Press and Visual) and a couple plugins (Options Framework). He also writes WordPress tutorials and posts code snippets at He’ll probably show up to WordCamp on his bike.

WordCamp Austin Speakers – Round 2

Ready for some more great speakers? I know we are. Here’s the second round of WordCamp Austin speakers.

Michele Butcher

Michele is a full time blogger, designer, and all around awesome person. Michele started her love for WordPress back in 2010. She got her feet wet working with Bit51 as a content creator and support ninja until its merger with iThemes. Michele is also the Organizer for the Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup. When not in front of a screen, Michele enjoys life with her family and friends.

Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona is a web developer, author, and teacher who focuses primarily on WordPress and mobile development. His latest book, Responsive Design with WordPress is out now. He is also a Yankee fan, plays the drums, and enjoys a fine cigar from time to time. You can find him over at or on Twitter at @jcasabona.

Chris Wiegman

Chris is the developer of iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) and has been working on WordPress security for over 5 years. Previously a captain for a small airline Chris’ interest in security began on his first day as an employed pilot, 9/11 and gradually evolved over the years to helping individuals and smaller organizations protect their websites from many of the common methods attackers use to compromise their victims. When not coding Chris loves to teach and has taught computer security for St. Edward’s University as well as other courses ranging from computers to aviation.

Joel G. Goodman

Joel G Goodman is a jack-of-all-trades marketer, designer, and front-end developer at his creative media studio, Bravery Transmedia. He has been designing and developing WordPress sites for bands, universities, bakeries, bloggers, professionals, and startups since 2007 and holds a master of arts degree in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement. Joel lives in Austin, TX where the sun shines warmly and the tacos never run out.

Aaron Edwards

CTO and Lead Developer for WPMU DEV (140+ premium plugins and support) and Edublogs (hosting 2 million+ education blogs). WordPress plugin developer specializing in Multisite for 5 years. Proud father of 3 and a world travel nut.

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon teaches WordPress for the amazing online education company, Treehouse. Before that he taught WordPress, web design and development at the high school and college level. In addition to teaching, Zac runs a web design company that builds $975 templated WordPress sites for small businesses.
We’re not done yet. Stay tuned for more speakers coming soon.

Announcing the First Round of Speakers

We’re happy to announce our first round of speakers (with more coming soon). Give a warm Texas welcome to these awesome folks.

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan McKeown is a Word Ninja at Audrey Capital where she writes about WordPress, deals with documentation, and has nightmares about the Codex. She’s currently working on an open source book about the history of WordPress. She spends her days delving into the brains of its early developers and community members. When she’s not worrying about the finer details of forking and the GPL, she’s helping out with the project’s future by wrangling WordPress’ documentation. In her spare time, she writes and edits for Smashing Magazine, eats, reads, and travels under the sea looking for manta rays.

Bill Erickson

A WordPress consultant with 7 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. He’s also a contributing developer to the Genesis theme framework, and has written 19 plugins which have been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Ilene Haddad

Ilene Haddad is a graphic designer, business owner and Grand Poobah of BlogathonATX. Her work with Austin’s blogging community earned her the Creative Initiative Award from the Women Communicators of Austin and a Statesman Social Media Award. In her spare time, she hosts a co-working group for local entrepreneurs and draws comics at She lives in Austin with two lapdogs, one husband and about a dozen Apple products. Buy her a decaf espresso, and she’ll reveal all her secrets.* *Disclaimer: Ilene doesn’t really have any secrets, but she’ll happily make some up in exchange for coffee.

Zack Tollman

Residing in Portland, Oregon, Zack longs for the cold, snowy days of his Alaskan youth. He enjoys strumming his guitar, playing hockey, and spending time with his fiancée and dog. Otherwise, you’ll find him at his computer meticulously spinning lines of clean WordPress code.

Elise C. Alley

Elise is the Lead Support Tech for iThemes Exchange. She has been working with iThemes for two years, first in general plugin support, then leading Exchange support since its release, as well as support for each of the Exchange add-ons. When not working with Exchange, Elise can be found chasing her nephews, reading or watching zombie movies/shows to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse.

Ronnie Burt

A native Austinite, Ronnie Burt helps lead the team behind CampusPress – hosting hundreds of large WordPress Multisite networks for schools and universities, including the Edublogs network with well over 2 million blogs. He volunteers on the side helping to build and maintain WordPress sites for a few education groups and a local community orchestra, that he also performs with.

Announcing Contributor Day!

New to WordCamp Austin is a Contributor Day on Friday Afternoon.

Contributor Day takes place on Friday, April 25, 2014 from 1pm to 5pm at The University of Texas at Austin School of Information, located just south of the main campus at 16th and Guadalupe.

We’re looking forward to having tons of great WordPress users in town for WordCamp Austin. Since the community is what makes WordPress so great, why not take advantage get everyone together to improve the WordPress project? Contributor Day is an opportunity for you to make your own, well, contribution to WordPress!

Whether you’re a designer, developer, systems or support specialist, or writer, there’s a way for you to contribute:

  1. If you’re a programmer, contribute code directly to core!*
  2. Write or update WordPress documentation and tutorials
  3. Create visual mockups of new features, or those being modified
  4. Help out with your knowledge of accessibility or other relevant standards
  5. Mobile developer? Help out with the apps!
  6. Answer questions on the forums and help other users or people who are new to WordPress
  7. Work on the website itself, including the plugin and theme repositories

People who come to Contributor Day will be 1000% focused on contributing to or learning to contribute to the WordPress project — although we have fun, this is a working event for contributing to the open source project—not for personal or business projects. If you’ve been looking for an opening to add your contribution to WordPress, this is the perfect opportunity!

Reservations will be required as our venue can’t accommodate everyone attending WordCamp Austin. Reservations are at no charge and additional information will be published here on the WordCamp Austin site and on our Twitter feed.

Tickets are on Sale

Tickets for WordCamp Austin 2014 are now on sale and the first round is going fast.

Don’t worry though, to make sure everyone gets a ticket we’re going to offer another round shortly (not on a Wednesday morning which not everyone can make it to).


Announcing Ticket Sales

We’re happy to announce that tickets for WordCamp Austin 2014 will start going on sale Wednesday, March 19th, at 9:00 am CDT. We’ll release tickets in groups this year to make sure everyone has a fair shot at a ticket.

Tickets this year are $40 and include admission to both days of WordCamp, lunch both days and admission to the after party on Saturday night which will be held at the same place as the conference itself.

Announcing Sponsors!

A huge thank you to everyone who has stepped up to sponsor WordCamp Austin 2014.

We will be releasing blog posts giving you insights into each of our sponsors, but for now here is a list of our current supporters.

Please join me in thanking:

Media Temple , HostGator and WiredTree for their Pillar support!

Code Poet and Dreamhost for their Champion support!

WPML for their Accomplice support!

WP Engine and ServerPress for their Gold support!

Maintainn, WP101, and Chris Lema for their Bronze support!

Graphically Designing and Web Hosting For Students for their Individual support!

and Great Hall Games for their In Kind support!


Call for Speakers

We’re now accepting speaker applications for WordCamp Austin 2014! Submission deadline is February 21st and we’ll annouce the speaker lineup on March 1st. If you’re interested in speaking at a session, please fill out the form below. Please use the comments to suggest a speaker you would like to see.

What we think makes an awesome speaker:

  • A love of WordPress, of course! And the desire to give back to the community
  • Comfortable giving a presentation
  • Expertise in your topic that makes you stand out
  • Embrace the WordPress licenseIf distributing WordPress-derivative works (themes, plugins, WP distros), any person or business should give their users the same freedoms that WordPress itself provides. Note: this is one step above simple compliance, which requires PHP code to be GPL/compatible but allows proprietary licenses for JavaScript, CSS, and images. 100% GPL or compatible is required for promotion at WordCamps when WordPress-derivative works are involved, the same guidelines we follow on

[submission form has been removed as submissions are now closed.]

Howdy, Y'all – April 26 & 27, 2014