The Sherry Lowry Group

The Sherry Lowry Group as a business mentor collective brings entrepreneur experience to their small business to mid-growth clients of:
• founding and developing 7 businesses in 7 different industries – ranging in size from solo to 20,000 clients
• building co-founding bench strength – and that of founding staff – or expanding this
• deep expertise in identifying and clarifying goals that can also become sustainable ones for future leverage
• accelerating decision-making
• accessing and deepening resilience through best times and disappointments
• substantially forwarding ability to successfully delegate and manage outsourcing
The services can be project-based or for defined periods of concentrated focus on company evolvement. Examples could be:
 • Compounding Your Own Existing Talent Assets: Deliverable = Your own 1-Page Asset Chart which can be referenced in making tough decisions and embracing new opportunities
• Buffing Your Business through Green Blocking Your Calendar + Clients For Profit = Higher $$’s, Stress Relief, More Joy In Your Worklife (this travels into most all your life)
• Breaking A Trail = Building A Bridge To Offer A New Service, Product or Process to become more of a “go to” company for existing and new clients